OUT THERE Author Lineup!

I am so excited to announce the full author lineup for OUT THERE, including the two incredible authors we found through our open submissions. Open Submissions was an amazing process, and we read so many great stories. So many thanks to everyone who submitted; it was a competitive field and definitely challenged the judges’ panel. But, we could choose only two, and I’m delighted to introduce their authors right now, along with a tiny taste of their stories!

FRACTAL EYES by Ugochi M. Agoawike

Subject 0000-A, also known as Essence, is an entity of unknown origin resembling a human in physical appearance. Subject 0000-A was retrieved from [REDACTED] the same day ISRA launched the Mouria colony located on Earth’s moon, Qamar. Subject 0000-A identifies as “nonhuman” with a preference for the pronouns she/her/hers.

UGOCHI M. AGOAWIKE (she/they) is an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia. Born in Nigeria and raised in Canada, she is desperately trying her best. They live in the coldest part of Canada where they spend their days dreaming of writing between studying creative writing. Thanks to a memorable first-grade teacher, she loved reading as a child and has been writing most her life. As a Black queer, most of their stories about Black queers being messy, soft, and yearning across the genres. Some of their work can be found in Parallel Magazine (WCHS) and Midnight & Indigo. In addition to watching copious amounts of YouTube, you can find them complaining about writing, life, and books on Twitter. They are also a hobbyist artist. 


Rainwater splashes beneath my boots as I turn down the alleyway. I can’t believe this is the address. The flyer crumples in my fist. Change your appearance. Be Someone New. Become the true you. Try SOPHISTICATE-X with a free three-day trial! Never go aesthetically hungry again! I feel sparks as the LEDs snap inside the flyer.

Mato J. Steger (he/they) is an openly out and proud Trans, Queer, and Anishinaabe and Cherokee (North American Indigenous) fantasy and sci-fi writer. In 2020, Mato had a short story accepted and published by Cloaked Press, LLC in their Fall into Fantasy 2020 anthology. In 2017, two of his short stories were accepted into a horror anthology by Infinite Darkness that was a bestseller on Amazon in its first week of release. He has had several articles published with The Huffington Post’s Queer Voices on sexuality and toxic masculinity. You can find him online at fantasyandcoffee.com, on instagram @jm.steger and twitter at @jm_steger.

The rest of the lineup is dreamworthy, too! I’m excited to introduce Emma K. Ohland and Jim McCarthy, debut authors in this anthology! And without further ado, the full lineup with titles to tantalize you, for OUT THERE: INTO THE QUEER NEW YONDER!

Doublers by Alex London

Aesthetically Hungry by Mato J. Steger

Like Sunshine, Like Concrete by Z.R. Ellor

Reshadow by Adam Sass

The Department of Homegoing Affairs by Kalynn Bayron

The Undeniable Price of Everything by Z Brewer

Present: Tense by Jim McCarthy

Nick and Bodhi by Naomi Kanakia

Crash Landing by Mason Deaver

Beauty Sleep by Alechia Dow

Concerto by Abdi Nazemian

H  O  M  E  by K. Ancrum

Translating for the Machine by Nita Tyndall

The Rift by Claire Kann

Renaissance by Emma K. Ohland

Nobody Cares Who We Kiss at the End of the World by Leah Johnson

Fractal Eyes by Ugochi M. Agoawike

OUT THERE is coming May 22, 2022 from Inkyard Press! And it completes a trilogy of queer anthologies, ALL OUT— queer teens in history and OUT NOW— queer teens today, all written by some of today’s best queer YA authors!