Saundra Mitchell is the author of SHADOWED SUMMER, THE VESPERTINE, THE SPRINGSWEET, THE ELEMENTALS and MISTWALKER. In non-fiction, she’s the author of the non-fiction THEY DID WHAT!? series for middle grade readers. She’s also the editor of YA anthologies  DEFY THE DARK,  ALL OUT, OUT NOW and OUT THERE.

Writing as Jessa Holbrook, she published her first romantic contemporary YA with Razorbill, WHILE YOU’RE AWAY. In summer 2014, she debuted WILD, her first YA novel writing as Alex Mallory. In 2019, her newest YA novel, ALL THE THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK was published by HarperTeen. Harper Children’s publishes her CAMP MURDERFACE series, which she co-authors with Josh Berk.

SHADOWED SUMMER was the 2010 winner of The Society of Midland Authors Book Award for Children’s Fiction and a 2010 Edgar® Award Nominee. It was chosen as a Junior Library Guild selection and an ALAN Pick in 2009. In 2020, ALL THE THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK was a Lambda Finalist, and the winner of the Indiana Authors Award for Young Adult Fiction.

Her short story “Ready to Wear” was nominated for a 2007 Pushcart Prize after appearing in Vestal Review Issue 27. Her short fiction and non-fiction has appeared in anthologies including FORESHADOW, YOU TOO?, A TYRANNY OF PETTICOATS, FORETOLD and DEAR BULLY.

For twenty years, she was the head screenwriter and an executive producer with Dreaming Tree Films on their various teen filmmaking programs, including the largest teen filmmaking program in the United States, Fresh Films. They produced more than four hundred films from her screenplays, and she earned Academy Award eligibility ten times during her tenure.

In other arenas, Ms. Mitchell was interviewed by the New York Times and the BBC for her part in exposing the Kaycee Nicole hoax, and she’s been tapped by morning radio shows all over the United States as a guest expert on Urban Legends & Folklore.

In her free time, she enjoys fandom, studying history, video games, and spending time with her wife and her daughters. Her pronouns are She/They.


Saundra Mitchell has been a phone psychic, a car salesperson, a denture-deliverer and a layout waxer. She’s dodged trains, endured basic training, and hitchhiked from Montana to California. The author of nearly twenty books for tweens and teens, Mitchell’s work includes Edgar Award nominee SHADOWED SUMMER, THE VESPERTINE series, Indiana Author Award Winner and Lambda Nominee ALL THE THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK, as well as the CAMP MURDERFACE series with Josh Berk. She is the editor of four anthologies for teens, DEFY THE DARK, ALL OUT, OUT NOW and the forthcoming OUT THERE. She always picks truth; dares are too easy.